Can You Work for C.R. England with a Felony?


The general perception of our society about the felons is not so good and you may face some problem in getting good jobs with felony charges. But there is no need to get completely hopeless because some good companies provide chances to felons.

But their parameters are different and subjected to different jobs profiles and locations. Some companies also check the level of the crime, time period and the frequency of the felony as well. Here we are going to talk about the C.R. England Company and its hiring process in context to felons.

Company overview

C.R. England is hiring felons but there are some different parameters and policies which need your attention. In case you have felony charges and willing to apply for this company than you must consider this piece of information first before filing an application for the jobs.

The company divides felons into different categories. In class, A category the company will check and make sure that felony charges must be at least ten years old. But there are some particular crimes for the company make give preference to the people who have more fifteen years old felony charges. These crimes are an armed robber, Grand Theft auto, assault weapons, carjacking etc. In addition to this, in the last fifteen years, you must not be indulged in any kind of crime. The company may seek a clean period of twenty years for the felonies like aggravated arson.

Parameters for felons

There are some other parameters for the crimes like murder, rape, and kidnapping attempted to murder or rapes. This company may not hire people who are facing charges of these crimes. In the other category, the company may consider the cases which are facing ordinary charges. But for this, you must have a clean history of at least seven years of the period out of the prison. The felon must not be on the probation or parole.

Other situations with felons

In some situation like misdemeanors, there are different requirements. The first thing is that felon must be out of the prison for at least four years from the date of the citation. In the past four years, there must not be more than two non-violent misdemeanors in your history.  In case you are free on the probation, you must have the letter from the probation officer. In this letter, the felon must have permission from the offer to travel out of the state while working.

As a comparison to other companies, this company is providing excellent working opportunities to work and grow. You can definitely make a good starting with the working in the company after facing the felony charges.

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